Chiropractic Adjustment

The chiropractic adjustment involves a thrust applied to a hypomobile/fixated vertebral segment or joint. The adjustment creates gapping of the joint to restore normal optimal range of motion.
Synovial joints are lined with synovial fluid to provide lubrication. The "clicking"/ "popping"/ "cracking" sound heard is due to the formation and collapse of gas bubbles within the synovial fluid as the joint surfaces are gapped.


Myofascial Dry Needling

A myofascial trigger point is defined as an irritable spot within a tightened area of a muscle.

Myofascial dry needling is used to increase blood flow into the irritable/tightened area to relieve pain by removing the waste products within the area as well as to relax the targeted area.


Kinesio Taping

Kinesio taping is an additional treatment modality which can be utilised at any stage of the treatment plan (acute, sub-acute, chronic or rehabilitative).

Dr Kenzo Kase, doctor of chiropractic, is the founder of the Kinesio Taping Association. Kinesio tape offers benefits to following treatments and conditions namely; Pain relief, Muscle imbalance correction, Postural alterations, Ligament, tendon or joint injuries, Fascial adhesions, Neurological conditions

Kinesion Taping : Chiropractor

Muscle Activation

Muscle Activation activates inhibited muscles to create stability around a joint so that it can move to its full potential. This creates feelings of freedom and ease of movement with added strength and control.
The practice of these techniques utilises a system of checks and balances to find areas of instability which can cause compensation when recovering from injury, in day to day movement and sporting performance. In essence it is a missing link in traditional forms of therapy and exercise training methods.

Muscle Activation : Chiropractor