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My name is Dr. Jessica Albrecht, your family chiropractor

MTech Chiropractic (SA)

Chiropractic is a non-invasive care benefiting a wide-variety of individuals;

  • Babies and children
  • Pregnant women
  • Sports enthusiasts and athletes
  • Elderly people
  • Office workers
Chiropractor practicing out of Parktown North, Johannesburg and surrounding areas.


Chiroprator spine wellness

Chiropractic is defined in Greek as "done by hand". Chiropractic is a health profession which is focused on the neuro-muscular-skeletal system in terms of obtaining a diagnosis, providing treatment and aiding prevention.
Treatments include: Chiropractic adjustment, Myofascial dry needling and Kinesio taping
Chiropractic is suitable for all persons including infants, pregnant woman and the elderly or any individual that suffers with pain.


To book an appointment you can choose from the following options:

  • Using the BookMe.co.za system. Practicing with Dr. Zelda Barker at The Village Medical Centre
    1. Click on the link bookme.co.za
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  • or email me info@drjessf.com
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